Our Team

We have a passion for making food the right way, healing from the skin within.



I am the owner of "Slow Pokes," also known as the "Coconut Kefir Company" since 2006.  We've been making our coconut kefir for in-house sales since 2009 and wholesale producing our kefir since 2015! 


  1. Taking care of your skin within - A healthy microbiome" - through bone broth soups, fermented foods and healthy fats.
  2. Supporting local farmers and vendors producing clean, sustainable food sources for our community.
  3. Helping families navigate special dietary plans for better body + mind health.

Linda Vatovetz

Hidden behind the scenes at in our store is Linda.  Dubbed our "Kitchen Queen," Linda has been the head baker and cook for many years at Slow Pokes.  She balances all of our upstairs menu production from soup to nuts to the delicious bakery (bone broth soups, soaked almonds and gluten-free, paleo bakery options).

She has a wonderful pallet for all of our gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan adventures!